Nursery for children ages 3 years  – 5years,

Primary (1 -6) for ages 5 – 11years

We focus our learning activities on the following subjects :literacy, maths, art, music, physical education and additional language and science, Practical life, social and world studies, health education.Students individually engage their hands with maths manipulatives or in painting. They also work with paper and pencil. Students listen to stories and enjoy a language and music rich environment. They are encouraged to communicate what they think in different ways .Our  young learners thrive at Harmony House School, where they enjoy an exceptional faculty, small class sizes and a high teacher-to-student ratio. Our curriculum places our school  far above global averages in all subjects, our inquiry-based approach allows students make connections across subject areas. This gives our students the skills to excel in a fast-changing world. Our strong social and emotional curriculum builds essential characteristics for future leaders. Students explore ideas related to empathy, solving problems, and making friends. This ensures social and academic success.The curriculum framework consists of a harmonious mix of the Nigerian, British early years and the Montessori curriculum, which provide meaningful contexts in which students are challenged to broaden their thinking and problem solving abilities. Which in turn helps nurture a keen sense of maturity which helps them solve a given task and think outside the box, enabling students make meaningful connections and explore big ideas about the world around them.

Age grade:

Nursery :3 – 5 years

Primary : 5 – 11 years

Hours: 7am – 2pm

After school : 2pm – 6pm